“So tall, silent against the sky
Up through the clouds, where eagles fly
Wind and rain beat down on one so strong
They cut but never change, what stood so long

Tall as a mountain, I’m gonna tear through the sky
Life’s for the taking
Like a man is a mountainside
Greatness waits for those who try
None can teach you, it’s all inside
Just climb

I’m in the ground, I’m in the air, I’m all
I live in the hearts of all men
I’m the call to greatness
Not all can hear
I awaken the creator, in those who dare
And the day will come, when we all must die
And enter the mountainside

Tall as a mountain, I’m gonna tear through the sky
Life’s for the taking
Like a man is a mountainside
Greatness waits for those who try
None can teach you, it’s all inside
Just climb

I have no fear
Death and glory
Both draw near
Like a man is a mountainside
Greatness waits for those who try
None can teach you, it’s all inside
Just climb”.



“When I was small
You took me by the hand
Father you should know
I finally understand

You taught me wrong from right
And how to live
You gave the greatest gift
That one could give

You never let me down
You made me strong
When I made mistakes
When I was wrong

Some days we’d laugh
And some days we’d fight
Somehow you knew one day
I’d say you were right

You’re with me
In every word I say
In every hour
Of every single day
In all I do
I’m just a part of you

You lived your life for us
That was your plan
Those hands that never take
They worked the land
Hands that never take
Can only give
And because of you
I know how to live

You’re with me
In every word I say
In every hour
Of every single day
In all I do
I’m just a part of you

Father just one thing
You always knew
Every word you said to me was true”.

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Myth, Philosophy, Paganism

I reblog this excellent post written by Auslandsgruppenleiter: highly recommended.


The mythic perspective

Reality first revealed itself to man through symbols. Since reality is not experienced ecstatically, but dynamically, the symbols came accompanied with narratives, the myths. The mythic-symbolic language of our distant ancestors expressed and codified the primordial perspective of a life within nature’s circle.

As the millennia passed, however, dramatic changes occurred in the way mankind lived, changes that increasingly alienated man from nature and its circle Eternity, originally grasped and experienced with every cognitive process, became more and more an abstract, metaphysical concept. The emergence of agriculture and the pursuit of a sedentary life meant a particularly relevant step away from nature. From that point on the relationship with the symbols and myths (through which man was able to communicate and dialogue with nature, by experimenting with what we would call magic and sorcery) changed, leading up to the eventual emergence of systematized state religions established upon…

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Dark Quarterer

In 1988 Gianni Nepi (voice and bass), Fulberto Serena (guitar) and Paolo Ninci (drum) published “The Etruscan Prophecy”, the second album of Dark Quarterer, their heavy metal band. I propose you to listen to these two beautiful songs selected from that album, while reflecting at the same time on the deep meanings of the lyrics:

“Walking in the night
across the silent oak forest
we are crying for your life man
I feel their presence all around me
in the odour of earth
we are living and we will return
when the oppressor’s hand is over your heads
Waiting for his axe blows
to feel our last trees
we don’t want him to destroy our sons
he will pay for all the evil done to the world
Look at the sky it’s grey
no flying birds move the air
no sun ray warms your skin
no moon for dreaming, loving
and death kills life
day after day
and your eyes are tired
of seeing mistakes everywhere
and to be fooled by continuous lies
The first clods now start to move
the first fists are free from earth
and rage and war cries fill the air
rage to revenge their ancient world
cries to destroy who all destroyed
and armed fists to crush his head
Everywhere you feel their steps
you feel their breath
as a wolf looking for his prey
they chase him
and the night will be so long
and the night will be so strong
until the last verdict be given
And the sky is blue again
and the birds are flying free
and the sun rays warm your skin
on the last page
first love words will move the air
the first dream will come true till the end of time”.

“The idol eyes of stone
you see are cold and old
have no expression no
don’t scare anyone
now the wood of the cross is splintering
in this time old man’s mind don’t teach anymore
the child disowns his blood
this wind is corroding even the hardest rock
and it will sweep the sand away
The mire of the bog is sticking on your tired arms
the putrid air doesn’t let your breath is deep
your eyes see far
remains of life ill and feeble
skeletons of trees are keepers of nothing
remains of nature that’s already dead
The night of thoughts will be so long
will be so dark
don’t try to find in the air the flight of doves or vultures
set your teeth and go on! go! go! don’t yield to fate
bite your lips and stand up don’t stop don’t surrender
you too
not now that you feel you are so near
so near the light of life
You know the way will be so difficult to find
every temptation to turn back so difficult to beat
don’t get it wrong
you can’t lose yourself
you are the fire against the ice
you are the day against the night
Somewhere someone is feeling your deeper thoughts
your bodies are vibrating
a thousand souls are one soul
angels of mire try to clean your wings
you, angels of mire try at least once to fly
and forever that wind will be ruled by you”.

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Lost Wisdom

The only video interview at our disposal – with English subtitles – where Julius Evola, for about an hour, discusses a wide range of topics from him already deepened in his most important books. A precious and valid testimony that I wish to share with my readers:

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La Teogonia di Esiodo

To all my Italian readers and, possibly, to those who know the Italian language: Eco Dei Primordi is the new blog/channel of my friend Marco Prandini, an European Traditionalist with a vast knowledge in relation to our history and religon, our mythologies and traditions. I share his first article, where he analyzes Hesiod’s Theogony meticulously. Take a look at it, soon he will publish more articles!

See you,


Eco Dei Primordi

Antica Grecia. Periodo arcaico. Un 7/8 secoli a.C. Mancano ancora due-trecento anni prima che i Persiani vengano sconfitti a Maratona dagli Ateniesi e, una manciata di anni dopo, all’altrettanto famosa vicenda delle Termopili, per intenderci.

Dai meandri del monte più alto di Tespie promana una lontana, solenne voce…

Cominci il canto mio dalle Muse Elicònie, che sopra
l’eccelse d’Elicòna santissime vette han soggiorno,
e con i molli pie’ d’intorno alla cerula fronte
danzano, intorno all’ara del figlio possente di Crono.

Questi versi accompagnavano i miei primi passi, anni fa, alla scoperta della mitologia greca, una delle più ricche e gloriose che Madre Europa abbia tramandato ai suoi figli. È l’inizio del proemio della Teogonia di Esiodo, uno dei testi che hanno avuto un ruolo incisivo sul mio percorso e che, in generale, è di somma importanza; a breve spero di farvi capire il perché.

Premessa : quando si ha a…

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Introversion vs. Extroversion

An excellent post about introversion and extroversion: personally, I totally identify with the features of the introverted human being. I will write a post about introversion, extroversion, hybridization, ice ages and more.

About Forests, Mountains and Rivers

First some Music

Many probably learned in school that there are 2 types of humans, namely introverts and extroverts and that extroverts tend to be rather active (litterally extroverted translates as turned to the outside) and that introverts are rather passive (litterally introverted translates as turned to the inside), but this is not all by any means. I am sure most of the people who are introverted do not know that they are the way they are because of their introversion. This was the case with me. I always knew that I am much more introverted than extroverted, but I did not really know that almost all my (mostly very strange) character features are actually aspects of Introversion.

I therefore want to give you a short overview about the aspects of being introverted (Maybe some of the readers have the same problem that I still had a few days ago…

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Ascent of the Spirit

Listen to this song while observing slowly and intensely the photos, try to cast the spell on yourselves:

“Your features pale and calm by the dim light of my lume;
Your eyelids behind whose shelter, eyes behold not earthly dooms.

You dream in a shroud of mists…

Fall in ageless slumber, fall in ageless spheres!

And as I sit here, near you, I wonder what dream-paths you trample;
What spectral realms you see, with eyes closed to this world and mee”.