On the Razor’s Edge

As much back in time we go as much better we were mentally, physically and spiritually. The illusion according to which we are better today because of our advanced technology is just this, an illusion. Yes, the technology we have today is more efficient, complex and demanding than in the past but the point here is that we have developed our modern technology not because we are better than our “savage, brutal, dirty and ape-like ancestors” (that’s what the ordinary people think of their forefathers) but because we are dramatically degenerated, in every sense.


We need all the advanced technologies that we have developed, to compensate our weaknesses, disabilities and inability to survive and thrive in our natural environment, in Europe, as we should and as we have always done when we were hunter-gatherers. Imagine the system of the pulley: we have a desperate need of the applied force (the advanced technology) to raise the resisting force (ourselves, our chances to survive). Without an applied force of some kind we had, at a certain point of our history on this planet, zero possibilities to survive. With the passage of time we necessitated of an applied force increasingly stronger, to compensate at our more and more heavy resisting force, our more severe disabilities and our lost autonomy and independence. We are almost at the point where the resisting force is just too heavy and, soon or later but surely, the applied force will no more be able to support the weight; the applied force will cede and the resisting force will fall, long and hard to the ground (i.e. the vast majority of humanity will die, completely incapable to survive without the support of the applied force that permitted them to live until that moment). At that point the pulley will be broken and the best of us will flee its dominion and through natural selection will become totally independent, autonomous, master of themselves and they will live again in harmony with Nature, in their beloved Europe.

If we want to be among those survivors, we must learn to live a simpler life and prepare ourselves for what is to come.


“Men are nothing but men, and the greatest men are they who soonest learn the simpler things”

-Robert. E. Howard


We started to need an “applied force” as a consequence of the Neanderthal/Sapiens hybridization and of its spread, that led to the abandonment of the way of life of the hunter-gatherers and to the birth of agriculture, of civilization (the only system that permitted us more chances of survival) and of the technological developments. The finger must point to the self-domestication of man! Exactly as domesticated animals, man became meekest and unable to live in the wild. The modern man is unconscious of his loss of autonomy, yet domesticated he continues blindly towards an increasingly serious and irreversible form of self-enslavement. The happiness of the domesticated man consists in serving serve as a tool in the machinery of civilization: the release from the yoke, being aware of it or not, is the last thing he wishes!

Beware, because civilization is on the razor’s edge…beneath it, barbarism…



Last of a Kind

First read this: https://ancestorvoice.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/introversion-vs-extroversion/

And then this one: https://thuleanperspective.com/2013/10/14/hallow-heal/

“When I cannot stand alone, it will be time to die”.

-Robert E. Howard


The introvert human being is absorbed by the subject: himself, his thoughts, his inner world and generally speaking with everything that is cyclical and eternal. The introvert gives a preponderant role to subjective factors (he does things in his own way, ignoring or despising the conformism of other people), devaluating the external reality (specifically civilization and its creations, the opinions of other people, conformism, materialism, superficiality), he feels a sort of unappeasable longing, a condition to which he has no more access, a void that must seek to compensate (namely the ability to fathom eternity).

The extrovert human being is absorbed by the object: the outer world, the people and things around him and generally speaking everything that has to do with civilization in all its forms and creations, namely everything that is artificial and finite. The extrovert attitude has a spontaneous relation with the object, adapts well and easily to circumstances and bends to conformism with unconscious satisfaction. This type of man has no critical, original and really autonomous thoughts, feels no attraction towards spirituality and nature from a transcendental point of view and is totally absorbed by the finite manifestations of reality.

What I want to suggest here is that introversion is a trait that we have inherited from the Neanderthal man (the Proto-European), while extroversion is a trait that appeared only and exclusively as a consequence of the hybridization between the Neanderthal man and the Homo Sapiens (the Proto-African).

Civilization is an outcome of extroversion, an extrovert entity directly related with the features of the domesticated and hybridized man. The extrovert human being fits perfectly well inside the mechanisms of civilization and is strongly domesticated, to the point of not realizing it.


On the other hand introversion is a feature that the best of us have inherited from our Neanderthal ancestors as they were prior to the hybridization, and it is linked with autism. Introverts often think for images, don’t care about the opinions of others, cannot bear noises, are deeply interested (almost obsessed) in specific subjects, fail to comply, love to stand on their own, to think and be surrounded by nature: all features found in the autistic spectrum.

P.S. I am NOT referring here to any type of autism with mental retardation. I refer only to High-Functioning Autism (Asperger Syndrome), an exclusively European feature.


Before the last Ice Age reached its maximum, it is estimated that the European population counted between 4’500 and 6’000 inhabitants and at the end of it the density of the population varied between 0,04 and 0,1 persons for square kilometer, in relation to the ground and the climate. So it makes sense to think that introversion is a trait that we inherited from the Neanderthal man as he was in the Stone Age: he was not very social, he encountered only occasionally other people. It’s only a matter of time and we will return to be so, that we like it or not. The Ice Ages are the norm in Europe while hot periods are exceptions.

Graph showing the trend of Ice Ages:

-Extroversion/Object/Domestication/Civilized Man(Post-Hybridization)/Finitude.

“Every human being is composed of two parts. Only one is essential. The other is the external, artificial and acquired part that is formed in social life and that creates the “person” of the individual: person, here, in the original meaning of the word, that, as known, means mask, the mask of the actor (in opposition to the “face”, that instead you can match with the other part, the essential one). Depending on the individuals, but also depending on the type of civilization, the one or the other part can be more developed. The degenerative limit corresponds with a quite exclusive development of the external and constructed part, of the “mask”.”

-Julius Evola


Dear introverts, you are the last of a kind: free in mind and spirit, the last hope for Europe and the European species. The Europeans were originally as you are! Remember this when you feel sad or even depressed. The world as it is today is not made for us, free human beings masters of ourselves, it is made for the domesticated man! But it will not last long!

Words of Wisdom #14

Equality means to treat in the same way unequal things“.

-Ancient maxim

There is much wisdom here…

Learn to understand that all those who talk about “equality”, “multiculturalism”, “tolerance” and such are the real enemies of Europe and of the Europeans, they are or totally indoctrinated or actively implementing their plan to destroy us biologically. That’s what they are consciously or unconsciously helping to attain!

See this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ERmOpZrKtw

And this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP3CnYGCaEE

I can add that the hybridization between Europeans and Africans/Asians/Middle Easterners produces hybrids with so many health issues on a physical (included fertility problems) and mental plane that we know by scientifical parameters that we are actually different species…

The Judeo-Christian weapons to exterminate us:


Mystification (again and again…)

Dear Europeans,

Scientists and paleo-artists (…) have very recently joined their forces to reconstruct the aspect of the Altamura Man, classified as a Neanderthal man.

The results of their work:

As you know, it’s not the first time they present the Neanderthal man as an ugly, filthy, half-ape not at all looking as a European (Europeans are on average 99,7% Neanderthals).

This is how the Neanderthal man looked (except for some details, like the nose):

His aspect was pretty much this:

Their efforts to destroy our past, our ancestors and the memory and respect we owe them is limitless. They will never stop!

What you can do is find back your roots and discover who you really are: https://atala.fr/

The Birth of Beauty

The European man is the Neanderthal man, the Neanderthal man is the European man!

Quite accurate reconstruction of the Neanderthal man:

Thanks to Marie Cachet (https://atala.fr/) now we not only know who we really are, but we can also banish from our minds the official theory propagated as a universal truth in the media, in the educational system and in the entertainment industry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_Africa_I

Yes, a mere hypothesis is passed off as the absolute truth about our origins…cui bono? Well, I will just say you that the Out of Africa theory has been made up to sustain as much as possible Marxism and Multiculturalism. “We are all Africans” is a mantra that can strongly influence the befuddled masses (in the unlikely event that they care for who they are on a biological level).

The anti-European and anti-science fool Richard Dawkins: rd-africans-5_resized

Psychotics who wants the extinction of the Europeans (yes, even Frodo…): iamafricancontent

If you have read the work of Marie Cachet on Atala.fr you will know that today the Europeans are on average 99,7% Neanderthals and that the hybridization we have suffered has brought with it, amongst other things, the birth of art. One of the most ancient and beautiful artistic work of our ancestors are the cave paintings of the Chauvet Cave (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chauvet_Cave), realized more than 30’000 years ago.

Some cave paintings from the Chauvet Cave:

These paintings were made to create a three-dimensional movement when seen in the light of a torch. In the Chauvet Cave also took place an European initiation ritual of the utmost importance.

The Chauvet Cave today is closed to the public but only one year ago a 1:1 replica has been created. What I desire to suggest you is to watch the beautiful film-documentary made by Werner Herzog and shot inside the real cave:


Watch it please, the anti-European entertainment industry will rarely have something better to offer if you want to know something about your culture.

Find who you are! Know yourselves! You are your ancestors, their memory lives in you!

Ave Europa!

Oh, I just forgot…Christian art from the Middle Ages:


Feminism seen by a Baron and a Wolf

Dear Europeans,

Feminism is one of the (many) evils of our modern world. Its fruits have as names “brainwash” and “sterilization”: more and more of our best women are eating or trying desperately to eat this horrible, unhealthy and malefic fruit cultivated in the Middle East but, at least, that rotten tree doesn’t produce enough of them (i.e. there are not enough “high-rank” jobs and some woman are just excluded from the party and will have enough free time to know a good man and start a proper family…poor unfortunate girls…). Few are today those who deliberately run away from this utterly unhealthy tree to find beauty and happiness in a flowery meadow.

What I mean with “cultivated in the Middle East”, you say? Well, let me present you the founders and eminent figures behind the ideology we are talking about:


Surely we have not found “diversity” here…

Now, I just wish to share with you the perspective on Feminism of two European Traditionalists:

Julius Evola on Feminism:

“We can’t ask ourselves if “the woman” is superior or inferior “to man” more than we can ask ourselves if water is superior or inferior to fire. Therefore, for each of the sexes the criterion of measurement cannot be given from the opposite sex, but exclusively from the “idea” of their own sex. The only thing that can be done is, in other terms, establish the superiority or the inferiority of a certain woman according to her being more or less near to the female typicity, to the pure or absolute women; and analogous thing also applies to man. The “demands” of modern woman derives, therefore, from wrong ambitions, besides from a complex of inferiority – from the wrong idea that a woman as such, as “only woman”, is inferior to man. Rightfully has been said that feminism has not fighted for the “rights of woman” but rather, without realizing it, for the right of woman to be the same as a man: thing that, even if it were possible outside of the exterior practicistic-intellectual plane just said, would be equivalent to the right of woman to distort herself, to degenerate. The only qualitative criterion is, let us repeat, that of the degree of more or less perfect realization of one’s own nature. There is no doubt that a woman that is perfectly woman is superior to a man that is imperfectly man, in the same way as a peasant loyal to the land, who performs perfectly his functions, is superior to a king unable to perform his task”.


Varg Vikernes on Feminism: An Argument against Feminism

Ave Venus! Hail Freyja! Hail to the European Goddesses!