Evola: about Miscegenation and the tripartite division of the Race in Body, Soul and Spirit

“While in a “thoroughbred” horse or cat the biological element constitutes the central one, and therefore can legitimately be narrowed down to it every racial consideration, this is certainly not the case for man or, at least,  for every man worthy of this name, which is yes a biological and antropological reality, but connected to elements and forces and laws of different character, superbiological, just as real as the first and whose influence on the first can often be decisive”.

“The distinction in the human being of three different principles, of body, soul and spirit, is fundamental for the traditional view. Starting from such view, it must be recognized that the inequality of mankind is not only physical, biological or anthropological, but also psychical and spiritual. Men are different not only in body, but also in soul and spirit. In accordance with this, the doctrine of race must be articulated in three degrees. The racial problem must therefore be placed for each of the three elements. The racist consideration of man as body, as a purely natural and biological entity, is the task that belongs to the doctrine of the race of first degree. Follows the consideration of man since he is soul, that is the study of the race of the soul. As crowning, we’ll have a doctrine of the race of third degree, that is the racial study of man since he is not only body and soul, but, in addition, spirit”.

“The racism of first degree, having to consider the body’s data and, in general, that aspect of the human being, according to which he obeys to purely natural, biological, anthropological, constitutional laws and determinisms, can legitimately assume the research methods used, in general, by the natural sciences. In front of the environment the race has a certain amplitude of reaction, the type can mutate, but in a transitory and contingent manner, the same way as an elastic body that resumes its shape, once the action of the force that deformed it has ceased. As a determinant, essential, decisive and permanent, is however always considered this internal racial hereditary element, always ready to reassert itself”.

“As racism of second degree one must consider a theory of the race of the soul and a typology of the soul of the races. Such a racism has to detect the elements, in their way primary and irreducible, that act from the inside, causing groups of individuals to manifest a constant way of being or “style” in terms of acting, thinking, feeling. Here we arrive at a new concept of the racial purity of a given type: it is no longer the case to see if, like in the racism of first degree, a given individual presents that given group of physical characteristics or, also, generically characterological, which make it conform to the erditary type, but it is about establishing if the race of the body brought by a given individual is the appropriate expression, in compliance, of his race of the soul, and vice versa. If this occurs, the type is pure also according to the survey of second degree”.

“Keep in mind, for example the phenomenon of the comprehension. In reality there are too many cases of people, that are exactly of the same race of the body, of the same stock, sometimes even – as brothers or fathers and children – of the same blood in the most real sense, but nevertheless they fail to understand each other. A frontier separates their souls, their way of feeling and seeing is different and against this the common race of the body and the common blood can do nothing. There is a possibility of comprehension, and therefore of true solidarity, of profound unity, only where exists a common “race of the soul”. Come into question, here, subtle elements, of an instinctive sensibility. While for long years nothing has been suspected, in a given circumstance can happen that a given person with his way of acting gives us the net feeling that it “is of another race” and, then, there will be nothing more to do with it, there may be, with it, relations of various nature, but always at an intimate restraint, at an intimate distance”.

“Let us now go and say something about the racist research of third degree, having for its object, as known, the races of the spirit. This is, indeed, the research of the race according to its ultimate root, wherever we talk about normal civilizations and of superior human strains; root, already communicating with super-personal, super-ethnic metaphysical forces. For such a research, the specific way to conceive both the sacred and the supernatural, rather than the relationship of man with respect to it, the vision of life in the highest sense, furthermore, the whole world of symbols and myths, constitute a matter so positive and objective, as for the racism of first degree are the facial indices and the cranial structures”.

“It is evident that, kept in mind all this, the problem itself of the hybrids and of their effects must be studied much more in-depth compared to what is usually done, as long as the doctrinal field is maintained, without looking for, instead, suitable suggestions for their practical utility. In general, the perniciousness of the hybrids should certainly be acknowledged, and it is of course all the more evident, as much as the racial elements are of the two parts are definitely heterogeneous. Then we stress, that the deleterious character of the hybrids is not revealed much in the determinations of degenerate and deformed human types compared to their original race of the body, but especially in the realization of cases, in which interior and exterior no longer match, in which the race of the body can be in contrast with the that of the soul and, this, in turn, can contradict the race of the spirit, or vice versa, thus giving rise to dilacerated beings, semi-hysterical, to beings that, in themselves, are no longer, so to speak, no one at home. And when no inner resistance, no awakening of the primordial forming force occurs and, instead, to the previous hybridizations new ones are added, the result is the creation of a true ethnic amalgam, of a disarticulated mass, shapeless, semi-leveled, for which starts seriously to become true the immortal principle of the universal equality”.

Note: you can interchange the term “soul”, in reality quite ambiguous, with any of these terms: “mind”, “character”, “personality”.


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Guénon: about the Materialistic Man, the subversion of the Traditional Order and the destructive Western diffusion

“Wanting to bring everything to the measure of men, taken as an end in itself, we are ended up with the fall, step by step, until the level of what there is of most inferior, and with the exclusive search of the satisfaction of the needs inherent to the material side of human nature; search, tough, really illusory, as it creates more and more artificial needs, that it can’t satisfy…on the other hand, more needs has a man, more likely he will lack of something and then of being unhappy. Modern society aims to multiply the artificial needs and, as we said before, it will create much more needs than it can satisfy, because, once taken this road, it’s hard to stop, and there is not even a reason to stop at a certain point. Men couldn’t suffer for not having things to which they never thought of; they instead suffer out of necessity if these things comes to lack after they have known them, since they have become accustomed to regard these things as necessary and that these things have become really necessary for them. Whereby they seek by any means to obtain what can provide them all the material satisfactions, the only ones that they are able to appreciate. It is only a matter of “earning money”, being money what allows them to obtain these things, and the more you have, the more you want, because new needs are continuously discovered; and this passion becomes the only purpose of life”.


“But in the world of modern decadence where you could still find the concept of a true hierarchy? There is no thing or person that is in the place where it should normally be. Men doesn’t recognize anymore any effective authority in the spiritual order, any legitimate power in a higher and sacred sense in the temporal order. The “profane” allow themselves to discuss about sacred things, of those disowning the character if not even the existence. It’s the inferior that judges the superior, it’s ignorance that imposes limits to wisdom, it’s the error that undermines the truth, it’s the human that replaces the divine, it’s the earth that goes to predominate on the sky, the individual making himself the measure of everything and pretending to dictate to the universe laws all taken from his relative and defeasible reason…indeed today you see everywhere blind men leading other blind men and drag them fatally into the abyss, in a common end, if they will not be stopped in time”.


“Very singular epoch, this one, where many allow themselves to be persuaded that the happiness of a people is done enslaving it, taking away what is most precious to it, that is its own civilization, forcing it to adapt to customs and institutions made for another race and forcing it to the most painful works to let it buy things that for it are completely useless! It’s like that: the modern West can’t tolerate that some men prefer to work less and be content with little to live. Since only the quantity counts, and since that which doesn’t fall under the senses is considered as inexistent, it is believed that he who doesn’t shake and that doesn’t produce materially is a “loafer”. In such a world, there is no place for intelligence, and so even for all that is really interior, because these are not things that you can see and touch, that you can weigh and measure. There is only place for the external action in all its forms, including the most nonsensical”.

-Réne Guénon

Note: These extracts are taken from a work of the author dated 1927. The last extract refers to the westernization of the peoples in the Far East (India, China, Japan, etc). I personally consider the ongoing westernization of the world a consequence of Capitalism and of the Christian “tradition” (i.e. obsession) to invade and convert: whereby it is definitely appropriate to define this process as a result of the Judeo-Christian modus operandi.


On the Razor’s Edge

As much back in time we go as much better we were mentally, physically and spiritually. The illusion according to which we are better today because of our advanced technology is just this, an illusion. Yes, the technology we have today is more efficient, complex and demanding than in the past but the point here is that we have developed our modern technology not because we are better than our “savage, brutal, dirty and ape-like ancestors” (that’s what the ordinary people think of their forefathers) but because we are dramatically degenerated, in every sense.


We need all the advanced technologies that we have developed to compensate  our weaknesses, disabilities and inability to survive and thrive in our natural environment, in Europe, as we should and as we have always done when we were hunter-gatherers. Imagine the system of the pulley: we have a desperate need of the applied force (the advanced technology) to raise the resisting force (ourselves, our chances to survive). Without an applied force of some kind we had, at a certain point of our history on this planet, zero possibilities to survive. With the passage of time we necessitated of an applied force increasingly stronger, to compensate at our more and more heavy resisting force, our more severe disabilities and our lost autonomy and independence. We are almost at the point where the resisting force is just too heavy and, soon or later but surely, the applied force will no more be able to support the weight; the applied force will cede and the resisting force will fall, long and hard to the ground (i.e. the vast majority of humanity will die, completely incapable to survive without the support of the applied force that permitted them to live until that moment). At that point the pulley will be broken and the best of us will flee its dominion and through natural selection will become totally independent, autonomous, master of themselves and they will live again in harmony with Nature, in their beloved Europe.

If we want to be among those survivors, we must learn to live a simpler life and prepare ourselves for what is to come.


“Men are nothing but men, and the greatest men are they who soonest learn the simpler things”

-Robert. E. Howard


We started to need an “applied force” as a consequence of the Neanderthal/Sapiens hybridization and of its spread, that led to the abandonment of the way of life of the hunter-gatherers and to the birth of agriculture, of civilization (the only system that permitted us more chances of survival) and of the technological developments. The finger must point to the self-domestication of man! Exactly as domesticated animals, man became meekest and unable to live in the wild. The modern man is unconscious of his loss of autonomy, yet domesticated he continues blindly towards an increasingly serious and irreversible form of self-enslavement. The happiness of the domesticated man consists in serving serve as a tool in the machinery of civilization: the release from the yoke, being aware of it or not, is the last thing he wishes!

Beware, because civilization is on the razor’s edge…beneath it, barbarism…


Last of a Kind

First read this: https://ancestorvoice.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/introversion-vs-extroversion/

And then this one: https://thuleanperspective.com/2013/10/14/hallow-heal/

“When I cannot stand alone, it will be time to die”.

-Robert E. Howard


The introvert human being is absorbed by the subject: himself, his thoughts, his inner world and generally speaking with everything that is cyclical and eternal. The introvert gives a preponderant role to subjective factors (he does things in his own way, ignoring or despising the conformism of other people), devaluating the external reality (specifically civilization and its creations, the opinions of other people, conformism, materialism, superficiality), he feels a sort of unappeasable longing, a condition to which he has no more access, a void that must seek to compensate (namely the ability to fathom eternity).

The extrovert human being is absorbed by the object: the outer world, the people and things around him and generally speaking everything that has to do with civilization in all its forms and creations, namely everything that is artificial and finite. The extrovert attitude has a spontaneous relation with the object, adapts well and easily to circumstances and bends to conformism with unconscious satisfaction. This type of man has no critical, original and really autonomous thoughts, feels no attraction towards spirituality and nature from a transcendental point of view and is totally absorbed by the finite manifestations of reality.

What I want to suggest here is that introversion is a trait that we have inherited from the Neanderthal man (the Proto-European), while extroversion is a trait that appeared only and exclusively as a consequence of the hybridization between the Neanderthal man and the Homo Sapiens (the Proto-African).

Civilization is an outcome of extroversion, an extrovert entity directly related with the features of the domesticated and hybridized man. The extrovert human being fits perfectly well inside the mechanisms of civilization and is strongly domesticated, to the point of not realizing it.


On the other hand introversion is a feature that the best of us have inherited from our Neanderthal ancestors as they were prior to the hybridization, and it is linked with autism. Introverts often think for images, don’t care about the opinions of others, cannot bear noises, are deeply interested (almost obsessed) in specific subjects, fail to comply, love to stand on their own, to think and be surrounded by nature: all features found in the autistic spectrum.

P.S. I am NOT referring here to any type of autism with mental retardation. I refer only to High-Functioning Autism (Asperger Syndrome), an exclusively European feature.


Before the last Ice Age reached its maximum, it is estimated that the European population counted between 4’500 and 6’000 inhabitants and at the end of it the density of the population varied between 0,04 and 0,1 persons for square kilometer, in relation to the ground and the climate. So it makes sense to think that introversion is a trait that we inherited from the Neanderthal man as he was in the Stone Age: he was not very social, he encountered only occasionally other people. It’s only a matter of time and we will return to be so, that we like it or not. The Ice Ages are the norm in Europe while hot periods are exceptions.

Graph showing the trend of Ice Ages:

-Extroversion/Object/Domestication/Civilized Man(Post-Hybridization)/Finitude.

“Every human being is composed of two parts. Only one is essential. The other is the external, artificial and acquired part that is formed in social life and that creates the “person” of the individual: person, here, in the original meaning of the word, that, as known, means mask, the mask of the actor (in opposition to the “face”, that instead you can match with the other part, the essential one). Depending on the individuals, but also depending on the type of civilization, the one or the other part can be more developed. The degenerative limit corresponds with a quite exclusive development of the external and constructed part, of the “mask”.”

-Julius Evola


Dear introverts, you are the last of a kind: free in mind and spirit, the last hope for Europe and the European species. The Europeans were originally as you are! Remember this when you feel sad or even depressed. The world as it is today is not made for us, free human beings masters of ourselves, it is made for the domesticated man! But it will not last long!

About Democracy (Part 3 of 3)

“There are in fact three distinct entities: 1) the individual; 2) the actual national community, that is the totality of the members of the same Ancestry, living in the same State, in a precise historical moment; 3) the nation, the historical entity that lives through the centuries, with the roots fixed in the mists of time and an indefinite future ahead of itself. The second severe error of democracy is that, being based on the concept of the “rights of man”, it recognizes thus and only care for one of these three entities, the individual. It neglects or mocks the second, while denies the third entity. Instead all three have their rights and duties: the right to live and the duty to not put in danger the right to life of the other two”.

“In turn the national community has a constant tendency to sacrifice the future – the permanent rights of the nation – to its own present interests. Therefore we witness to the unrestrained exploitation, even the disposal to the foreigner, of the woods, of the mines, of the oil, forgetting that after us will come hundred of Romanian generations: our sons and the sons of our sons, which even them have the right to live, to perpetuate the life of the Ancestry”.

“Harmony can be reestablished only with the restoration of the natural order. The individual goes subordinated to the superior entity, the national community, and this last subordinated to the nation. The “rights of man” are no more unlimited, but limited by the rights of the national community, and the rights of the national community limited by the rights of the nation”.

“It would seem finally that in a democratic State the individual, enjoying formally of so many rights, should at least live wonderfully. In reality, however, – and here lies the final tragedy of democracy – the individual doesn’t actually enjoy any right, so much that we are induced to ask ourselves where are in our Nation the freedom of meeting, the freedom of press, the freedom of consciousness. The individual lives under the terror, the state of siege and censorship”.

“The Ancestry then includes: 1) All the Romanians that are currently living. 2) All the souls of the dead and the graves of the ancestors. 3) All those that will be born Romanians. An Ancestry reaches the true consciousness of itself when acknowledges this totality and not only when acknowledges its present interests. The Ancestry disposes of: 1) A physical, biological heritage: the flesh and blood. 2) A material heritage: the earth and the wealth of the Nation. 3) A spiritual heritage, that includes: its idea of God, of the world and of life. An Ancestry lives eternally for its idea of God, of the world and of life, for its honour and its culture”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu


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About Democracy (Part 2 of 3)

“The new Romanian ruling class – in fact, any ruling class of the world – must be based on the principle of social selection. That is, you must raise and select in a natural way from the body of the Ancestry, i.e. from the great healthy masses of the peasantry and workers, indissolubly rooted to the Land and the Nation, a class of men provided with special attitudes to command, that will later be adequately cultivated and developed. These men will become the national élite, will form the ruling class of the Ancestry. And only these men are called to guide an Ancestry!”.

“By applying the criterion of social selection, that operates a continuous replacement of forces coming from the depth of the nation, a ruling class always remains vigorous and efficient. Has committed a serious historical error that ruling class which, after being formed in relation to the criterion of social selection, immediately after left the criterion that had determined its rising, changing it with the criterion of heredity of the functions of command and blessing the unjust and condemned system of the birth privileges. The abandonment of the criterion of social selection has permitted the formation of a false and degenerated élite, and such phenomenon has determined the aberration represented by democracy”.

“The criterion of selection eliminates both the criterion of election and the criterion of heredity. Selection, election and heredity can’t coexist; between them there is a conflict, because or exist a precise criterion of social selection, and then the opinion and the vote of the mass doesn’t have any meaning, or else it is the mass that elects its representatives, and then the social selection doesn’t function anymore. The same in the other case: if we make operative the natural criterion of the social selection then doesn’t enter in question the one about heredity. These two criteria can get along only when the heir complies to the laws of the social selection”.

“But if a nation doesn’t possess a true and proper ruling class, able to establish in its functions the new emergent ruling class? In this case, the new ruling class is born in the fight against the degenerated and misguided leaders – always by virtue of the criterion of selection”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu

Note: I can add that the European peoples have applied a criterion of non-hereditary and annual selection of their Kings and Queens, from Prehistory (Neolithic) up to the spread of the Christian plague into our lands.


Part 1: About Democracy (Part 1 of 3)
Part 3: About Democracy (Part 3 of 3)

About Democracy (Part 1 of 3)

I will just quote our dear Corneliu Z. Codreanu:

“Democracy breaks the unity of the Romanian ancestry, fractionating it in political parties and delivering it, in a time of serious responsibility in front of history, lacerated and divided to the executioner: to the united block of the jewish power. For the purposes of our own existence this subject is so important that alone it constitutes enough reason to change this old dress of democracy with another, with any regime able to grant us the national unity and, as a consequence, life. Disunion means indeed death”.

“Democracy shows itself unable of continuity in its efforts. Destroying the people in parties that rules one, two, three years each one, it proves indeed unable to conceive and realize a long term program. A party deletes the programs and objectives of its predecessor; every party has a program totally different from the others; today one conceive and builds something, tomorrow the other destroys it. For a Nation that needs to build, whose historical duty is today indeed to build, the instability of democracy becomes a severe danger”.

“The crowd is whimsical, instable in its opinions and conceptions”.

“Conclusion: a people is unable to govern itself; it must be governed by its best elements, by its élite. That means: governed by that class of man, arose from the people, which demonstrates particular attitudes and qualifications. As bees raise their “queen”, in the same way an ancestry must raise its own leaders, its own élite. And thus, for its needs, the people must appeal to its own élite, to the leaders of the State”.

“The truth cannot be caught through the votes, it doesn’t depend nor by the majority nor by the minority. The truth has in itself its own eternal laws and triumphs, as has been seen, on all the majorities, even the most overwhelming. The task to find the truth cannot be (and must not be) given to the majorities, in the same way as in geometry the Pythagorean theorem must not be subjected to the vote of the crowd, for the latter to recognize or negate its truth”.

“Called to choose its own ruling class, the masses not only are unable to recognize it and choose it, moreover it chooses as leaders, except few cases, everything there is of worst in a nation. Thus democracy not only casts away from itself the real élite of the nation, but replaces it with what there is of worse in the nation itself”.

“Through this system, the true élite of a nation will be annihilated, because obviously will refuse to participate in a such filthy competition: it will withdraw disgusted and will remain hidden. From here however will derive to the State deadly consequences”.

“When a State results guided by such an élite, composed of all the bad elements, incapable, insane and corrupted of a people, what value there is in asking still to yourselves for what reason this State is going into ruins? Here lies the roots of all the other evils: immorality, corruption, licentiousness in all the Nation, robbery and plunder of all the goods of the State, bloody exploitation of the people, poverty and misery among the families, irresponsibility and breach of the duty by the public functionaries, disorder and disorganization in the administrations, descent of capitalists from everywhere, as it happens in the stores that sell for failure all the goods. The nation is sold at auction: “who offers more?” Behold, democracy leaded us until this shameful trafficking”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu


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Part 3: About Democracy (Part 3 of 3)

Evola: about Work, Economy and Life


“It must be stated in no uncertain terms that everything that is economy and economical interest as fulfillment of material needs and of the more or less artifical appendixes of those, has had, have and will always have a subordinated function in a normal humanity, that beyond this sphere must distinguish an order of superior values, political, spiritual, heroic, an order that doesn’t know and doesn’t accept classes on an economical level, that doesn’t know of <<proletarians>> nor of <<capitalists>>, an order, only in function of which must be defined those things for which really has value to live and to die”.

“So it can be legitimately stated that the so called <<elevation of the social conditions>> has to be considered not as a good thing, but as an evil, when the price is the enslavement of the individual to the productive mechanism and to the social conglomerate, the degeneration of the State in <<State of work>> and of society in <<society of consumerism>>, the elimination of every qualitative hierarchy, the atrophy of every spiritual sensibility and of every <<heroic>> capacity in the more broad sense of the word”.

“The fundamental idea was that work doesn’t served to bind but to release man: to enable him to follow more worthy interests, once regulated what is requested by the needs of the existence. None economical valour seemed as deserving that to it one had to sacrifice one’s independence and that the search for the means to the existence undertook beyond measure the existence itself”.

“The turning point has been the advent of a conception of life that instead of maintain the needs within natural limits looking for the achievement of that who really is worth of human effort, has had as ideal the growth and artificial moltiplication of the very needs, but also of the resources to satisfy them, without regard for the growing slavery that, in force of an unavoidable law, that is what it was to be, first for the individual and then for the masses”.

“One of the features of the economical age according to its more sleazy and plebeian aspects is indeed this species of auto-sadism, that consists in the glorification of work as an ethical valour and essential duty, and in the conception in the sense of work of any form of activity. To a future, more normal humanity there will not be perversion that will appear more singular of this, where again, the means becomes the aim”.

“The fundamental point, here, is indeed to be able to recognize that it doesn’t exist external economical growth and social prosperity that is worth and to whose flatters one should not absolutely resist when counterpart will be an essential limitation of the liberty and space required so that each one can be able to realize what is possible to him beyond the sphere conditioned by matter and by the needs of the ordinary life”.

“In the modern world, if it has been deprecated <<the unjustice>> of the caste system, even more have been stigmatized the ancient civilizations that knew slavery and has been ascribed as a pride of the modern times to have vindicated the principle of <<human dignity>>. What instead is worth to be put in relief, is that, if there is ever been a civilization of slaves, that is exactly the modern civilization. None traditional civilization ever viewed masses as numerous condemned to a dark, disanimated, automatic work: slavery, that has not even as counterpart the high stature and the tangible reality of figures as lords or dominators, but that is instead imposed through the tiranny of the economical factor and the absurd structures of a more or less collectivized civilization. And since the modern vision of life, materialistic, has stolen to the individual every possibility to confer to his own destiny something transfigurant, to see in it a sign and a symbol, so the slavery of today is the more grim and the more desperate of how many have ever been known”.

– Julius Evola

Mystification (again and again…)

Dear Europeans,

Scientists and paleo-artists (…) have very recently joined their forces to reconstruct the aspect of the Altamura Man, classified as a Neanderthal man.

The results of their work:

As you know, it’s not the first time they present the Neanderthal man as an ugly, filthy, half-ape not at all looking as a European (Europeans are on average 99,7% Neanderthals).

This is how the Neanderthal man looked (except for some details, like the nose):

His aspect was pretty much this:

Their efforts to destroy our past, our ancestors and the memory and respect we owe them is limitless. They will never stop!

What you can do is find back your roots and discover who you really are: https://atala.fr/

The Birth of Beauty

The European man is the Neanderthal man, the Neanderthal man is the European man!

Quite accurate reconstruction of the Neanderthal man:

Thanks to Marie Cachet (https://atala.fr/) now we not only know who we really are, but we can also banish from our minds the official theory propagated as a universal truth in the media, in the educational system and in the entertainment industry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_Africa_I

Yes, a mere hypothesis is passed off as the absolute truth about our origins…cui bono? Well, I will just say you that the Out Of Africa theory has been made up to sustain as much as possible Marxism and Multiculturalism. “We are all Africans” is a mantra that can strongly influence the befuddle masses (in the unlikely event that they care for who they are on a biological level).

The anti-European, anti-science fool Richard Dawkins: rd-africans-5_resized

Psychotics who wants the extinction of the Europeans (yes, even Frodo…): iamafricancontent

If you have read the work of Marie Cachet on Atala.fr you will know that today the Europeans are on average 99,7% Neanderthals and that the hybridization we have suffered has brought with it, amongst other things, the birth of art. One of the most ancient and beautiful artistic work of our ancestors are the cave paintings of the Chauvet Cave (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chauvet_Cave), realized more than 30’000 years ago.

Some cave paintings from the Chauvet Cave:

These paintings were made to create a three-dimensional movement when seen in the light of a torch. The Chauvet Cave was also the place where took place an European initiation ritual of the utmost importance.

The Chauvet Cave today is closed to the public but only one year ago a 1:1 replica has been created. What I desire to suggest you is to watch the beautiful documentary/film made by Werner Herzog and shot inside the real cave:


Watch it please, the anti-European entertainment industry will rarely have something better to offer if you want to know something about your culture.

Find who you are! Know yourselves! You are your ancestors, their memory lives in you!

Ave Europa!

Oh, I just forgot…Christian art from the Middle Ages: