Matgioi: about Rebirth, Personality and Individuality

“It is therefore clarified, demonstrated and avenged by every offense the buddhist and pythagorean law of Rebirths, that even many of its followers interpret in a mediocre way. We should not understand it from the point of view of individuals, since it is contrary to their condition; we should understand it from the point of view of personality, that, once an individual passes away, takes possession of another individual, after the death of an individual, is reborn in another individual”.

“The personality, as we have seen, subsists; and it subsists improved and perfected, through the existences that it has lived and the individualities that it has animated: it is improved thanks to its effort, that the individuality in which one is gives back to it at the time of its dissociation. The knowledge that the personality carries with it in other cycles is the sacred heritage of our ideas, conceptions, efforts and sufferings”.

“Our personality, humanely individualized and with the movements proper to it, is the heritage (of which we are not aware) of the previous cycles. We can’t deny it, even if we have no memory of it. We have a clear desire of the future; we have vague memories, like vital flashes, of the past: such desire, and such vague memories, are characteristic of the human state. It is logical that, going back through the cycles, the knowledge of the future and the memory of the past will enlighten our intelligence”.


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