Words of Wisdom #47 & #48

“The lazy term “evolution” makes us blind to the real complexities of the past”.

-Giorgio De Santillana

“To have confused the history of civilization with a process of gradual evolution has deprived us of any reasonable possibility to shed light on the nature of civilizations”.

-Giorgio De Santillana

What I want to stress here is that the concepts of “evolution” and “progress” are strongly interconnected and used in a religious and dogmatic way to influence the vision of the world of the masses (especially the youth). The educational system hammers this sort of dogmas in our heads to make us think that we started from the bottom of the barrel, to then experience an evolution/progress that will only get better with the passage of time, taking into consideration exclusively the material and technical aspects of a civilization, and totally excluding the spiritual and qualitative elements that give shape to the human being. Their purpose is to let us take for granted that the past was worse in every aspect, as much as we go back in time: they don’t want absolutely that we look behind us, to then find what we have lost, what we were, and finally see the modern world with open eyes! You must do it instead! If you understand the past – your past – you’ll be the master of yourselves, until death!



6 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom #47 & #48

  1. Well, I did some more research on the topic that we last discussed and, well, I think that you will like what you see…


    I am, by the day, becoming more and more distrustful of the evolution theory, although, as you have stated: MicroEvolution is a very real phenomenon. But there are still some lingering questions:

    1. Why do humans and apes have so much in common? In a total theoretical world, is it easy to see how man came from an ape (though in reality it is impossible) because man is just a hairless, bipedal, intelligent ape with a different skull. There must be an explanation as to why so many species on Earth resemble each other.

    2. Why is our psychology like that of a set of evolved adaptions to cope with variable environments? For instance, all mammals possess an Amygdala, which has been called the “Reptilian potion of the brain”.

    3. Why does fossil evidence suggest that life on earth went from primitive to sophisticated? The “evolution of homini


    • …my comment cut off for some reason…

      ….hominids” fossil evidence suggests a neat placement of primitive apes that eventually became more sophisticated.

      I have been looking at Eternal Recurrence, so I don’t need convincing on “We’ve always been here”.


      • There are many things that I don’t know. Knowledge has no limits, but our individual life has a limit. That which has a limit can not aspire to what has no limits. I understood the negative consequences of the incessant need for more knowledge: the only result is to die unhappy, disappointed, unsatisfied and tormented, no matter the amount of knowledge you have accumulated. I give myself still some years to improve my knowledge in relation to my fields of interest, those to whom fate has tied me. Then I will suppress the impulse that forces me to obtain more knowledge, and I will devote myself to the internalization and contemplation of those principles that are sufficient to reach the balance and peace of my mind.

        That said, humans and apes have not much in common. Under a genetic point of view, I remember you that we share 70-75% of our genes with a type of worm: this doesn’t mean that we are similar or that we have a common ancestor. Only the exclusive genes in possession of a certain species define that species for what it is. Also under all the other points of view we have not much in common with apes. Instead we are more similar to bears, so much that we could even say that man “is just a hairless, bipedal, intelligent bear with a different skull.”

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