Words of Wisdom #34, #35 & #36

“With the audacity of our gesture we separated ourselves from the dominant mentality of the century; we killed a world in ourselves to establish another one, elevated up to the sky. The total dominion of matter was overthrown to be replaced by the predominance of the spirit, of the moral values”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu

“Our contemporaries put at risk their own person, and refuse life to sacrifice themselves to the external things. Isn’t it deplorable?”.


“Discreet answered: <<Only the inner peace procures happiness. Every superfluous harms. So is for everyone, and nothing harms as wealth>>”.


Matter exists (and if understood as energy then maybe everything is matter) and is indispensable, nobody should put in doubt its value and function. That said, if we Europeans will not embrace again our spirituality and traditions, as these have been understood by our ancestors and with all that this entails, only the animal instincts will remain us, and we may find that in this respect we are much less gifted than other human species.



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