Words of Wisdom #30

“The gardener became angry, changed color and said scornfully: <<I learned this from my master: who uses machines uses mechanisms and his spirit becomes mechanized. Who has a mechanized spirit no longer possesses the purity of innocence and loses the peace of the soul. I don’t ignore the merits of this machine, but I would be ashamed to use it>>”.


Positive Technology: hand tools, simple, silent, light, an extension of the human body, actuated by our physical movement, they require skill and dexterity in applying them and are of simple access and maintenance.

Negative Technology: machines and tools actuated mostly from fossil fuels, complex, noisy and heavy, man becomes their prosthesis and simply helps their work, the personal experience decreases or is canceled. Devised to be of exclusive management of a circle of experts and specialists of their maintenance, that is impossible for all the other men.

All that can be defined as Negative Technology has been developed, consciously or not, as a compensation to our physical and mental degeneration. Although in our limits, we should always remember it and act accordingly!



2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom #30

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