Guénon: about the Materialist Man, the subversion of the Traditional Order and the destructive Western diffusion

“Wanting to bring everything to the measure of men, taken as an end in itself, we are ended up with the fall, step by step, until the level of what there is of most inferior, and with the exclusive search of the satisfaction of the needs inherent to the material side of human nature; search, tough, really illusory, as it creates more and more artificial needs, that it can’t satisfy…on the other hand, more needs has a man, more likely he will lack of something and then of being unhappy. Modern society aims to multiply the artificial needs and, as we said before, it will create much more needs than it can satisfy, because, once taken this road, it’s hard to stop, and there is not even a reason to stop at a certain point. Men couldn’t suffer for not having things to which they never thought of; they instead suffer out of necessity if these things comes to lack after they have known them, since they have become accustomed to regard these things as necessary and that these things have become really necessary for them. Whereby they seek by any means to obtain what can provide them all the material satisfactions, the only ones that they are able to appreciate. It is only a matter of “earning money”, being money what allows them to obtain these things, and the more you have, the more you want, because new needs are continuously discovered; and this passion becomes the only purpose of life”.


“But in the world of modern decadence where you could still find the concept of a true hierarchy? There is no thing or person that is in the place where it should normally be. Men doesn’t recognize anymore any effective authority in the spiritual order, any legitimate power in a higher and sacred sense in the temporal order. The “profane” allow themselves to discuss about sacred things, of those disowning the character if not even the existence. It’s the inferior that judges the superior, it’s ignorance that imposes limits to wisdom, it’s the error that undermines the truth, it’s the human that replaces the divine, it’s the earth that goes to predominate on the sky, the individual making himself the measure of everything and pretending to dictate to the universe laws all taken from his relative and defeasible reason…indeed today you see everywhere blind men leading other blind men and drag them fatally into the abyss, in a common end, if they will not be stopped in time”.


“Very singular epoch, this one, where many allow themselves to be persuaded that the happiness of a people is done enslaving it, taking away what is most precious to it, that is its own civilization, forcing it to adapt to customs and institutions made for another race and forcing it to the most painful works to let it buy things that for it are completely useless! It’s like that: the modern West can’t tolerate that some men prefer to work less and be content with little to live. Since only the quantity counts, and since that which doesn’t fall under the senses is considered as inexistent, it is believed that he who doesn’t shake and that doesn’t produce materially is a “loafer”. In such a world, there is no place for intelligence, and so even for all that is really interior, because these are not things that you can see and touch, that you can weigh and measure. There is only place for the external action in all its forms, including the most nonsensical”.

-Réne Guénon

Note: These quotes are taken from a work of the author dated 1927. The last quote refers to the westernization of the peoples of the Far East (India, China, Japan, etc.). Personally I consider the ongoing westernization of the world a consequence of Capitalism and of the Christian “tradition” (i.e. obsession) to invade and convert: whereby it is definitely appropriate to define this process as a result of the Judeo-Christian modus operandi.



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