Words of Wisdom #23

“They will attempt to break the bonds with the Sky and the Earth, to foment fratricidal disagreements and struggles, to introduce immorality and debauchery, to minimize all the sources of life of an Ancestry, to poison it physically, to accustom it to drunkenness: all these elements annihilate an Ancestry more than if it had been hit by thousands of cannons and airplanes”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu



2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom #23

  1. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu with his wife, Elena. Great words from The Captain, taken from his book – “Pentru Legionari/ For my legionaries”. I am glad that people know of him and his work, although here, in Romania, his country, it is banned and shame to speak of him. Arrived here from Thulean Perspective. I am from Romania, by the way.

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    • Exactly. It was to be expected the treatment reserved to Codreanu in Romania. At least you are aware of him, I think the rest of the world has never heard his hame…too “dangerous”, better to erase him from history…like Evola…


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