On the Razor’s Edge

The further back in time we go, the better we were mentally, physically and spiritually. The illusion according to which we would be better today thanks to our advanced technologies is just this, an illusion. Yes, the technology we have today is more efficient, complex and demanding than in the past, but the point here is that we have developed our modern technology not because we are better than our “savage, brutal, dirty and ape-like ancestors” (this is what the ordinary people think of their ancestors), but because we are dramatically degenerated, under every point of view.


We need all the advanced technologies that we have developed, to be able to compensate our weaknesses, disabilities and our inability to survive and thrive in our natural environment, in Europe, as we instead should and as we have always done when we were hunter-gatherers. Imagine the system of the pulley: we have a desperate need of the applied force (the advanced technology) to raise the resisting force (ourselves, our chances to survive). Without an applied force of some kind we had, at a certain point of our history, zero possibilities to survive. With the passage of time we necessitated of an applied force increasingly stronger, to compensate at our increasingly heavier resisting force, our increasingly severe disabilities and our lost autonomy and independence. We are almost at the point where the resisting force has become simply too heavy and, soon or later but surely, the applied force will no more be able to support its weight; the applied force will cede and the resisting force will fall, up to crash hard on the ground (i.e. the vast majority of humanity will die, completely incapable to survive without the support of the applied force that permitted its survival until that moment). At this point the pulley will be broken and the best of us will flee its yoke becoming progressively totally independent, autonomous, masters of themselves and again in harmony with nature, in their beloved Europe.

If we want to be among those survivors we must learn to live a simpler life and prepare ourselves for what, inevitably, awaits us.


We started to need an “applied force” in consequence to the hybridization between Neanderthal and Sapiens and its spread, that led to the abandonment of the way of life of the hunter-gatherers and to the birth of agriculture and civilization, the only system that could give us more chances of survival. The finger must be pointed against the self-domestication of man: exactly as domesticated animals, man became meekest and unable to live in the wild. The modern man is unconscious of his loss of autonomy, already domesticated he continues blindly towards an increasingly severe and irreversible form of self-enslavement. The happiness of the domesticated man consists in serving as a tool in the mechanism of civilization: the liberation from this yoke, whether he is aware of it or not, is the last thing he wishes!


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