Words of Wisdom #17, #18 & #19

The swamp pheasant pecks every ten steps. Every hundred steps drinks, but refuses every food if put in cage. So it doesn’t envy the happiness of a King“.


Once that Zhuangzi was fishing in the river Pu, the King of Chu sended two of his dignitaries to make him these proffers: <<our prince>> they said <<would want to entrust to you his territory>>. Without raising his fishing rod, without even turning the head, Zhuangzi said to them: <<I’ve heard that in Chu there is a sacred turtle, dead from three thousand years. Your King preserves the shell in a basket, wrapped in a cloth, at the top of the temple of his ancestors. Tell me, this turtle would not have preferred to live dragging its tail in the mud?>>. <<It would have preferred to live dragging its tail in the mud>> said the two dignitaries. <<Go away, then!>> said Zhuangzi <<I also prefer to drag my tail in the mud>>“.


A certain prince invited Zhuangzi to become his minister. The philosopher answered to the messenger: <<Have you seen the ox destined to the sacrifice? It is covered by an embroidered saddlecloth, and receives a ration of grass and beans. But one day it is leaded to the great temple for slaughter. Then it would prefer to be a solitary calf, but by now how could it be?“.


We are domesticated human beings, and we will remain such for at least quite some time. However, there are some things we can and should do meanwhile: do everything we can to avoid being domesticated until the point of non-return (as the vast majority of modern people), do our best to remain free, independent, master of ourselves and healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. We have limits, based on our qualities, virtues and on our destiny – and we have enemies that are doing all they can to enchain and exterminate the peoples of Europe – but despite everything this is what we should strive for!



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