Last of a Kind

“When I will not be able to stand alone, it will be time to die”.

-Robert E. Howard


The introvert human being is absorbed by the subject: himself, his thoughts, his inner world and generally speaking by everything that is natural and cyclical; the introvert gives a preponderant role to subjective factors, he does things in his own way, ignoring or despising the conformism of other people, devaluating the external reality, specifically civilization and its creations, the opinions of other people, conformism, materialism and superficiality, he feels a sort of unappeasable longing, a condition to which he has no more access, a void that he must seek to compensate.

The extrovert human being is absorbed by the object: the people and things around him, the outher world and generally speaking by everything that has to do with civilization in its various forms and creations, namely everything that is artificial and linear. The extrovert attitude has a spontaneous relation with all this, adapts well and easily to the circumstances and bends to conformism with unconscious satisfaction. This type of man very often doesn’t have critical, original and really autonomous thoughts, feels no attraction towards nature and spirituality from a superior and transcendent point of view, and is totally absorbed by the finite manifestations of reality.

What I want to suggest here is that introversion is a trait that we have inherited from the Neanderthal, the Proto-European, while extroversion is a trait that appeared only and exclusively as a consequence of the hybridization between the Neanderthal and the Homo Sapiens, the Proto-African.

Civilization is an outcome of extroversion, an extrovert entity indissolubly related to the features of the domesticated and hybridized man: the extrovert human being fits perfectly well inside its mechanisms and is strongly domesticated, to the point of not realizing it.


On the other hand introversion is a feature that the best of us have inherited from our purely Neanderthal ancestors, a feature related with autism: introverts often think for images, don’t care about the opinion of others, cannot bear noises, are deeply interested, almost obsessed, in specific subjects, fail to comply, love to stand on their own, to think and be surrounded by nature: all features found within the autistic spectrum.

Note: I’m not referring to any type of autism associated with mental retardation but only to high-functioning autism, called Asperger Syndrome, an exclusively European feature.


Before the last Ice Age reached its maximum, it is estimated that the European population counted between 4.500 and 6.000 inhabitants, while at the end of it the density of the population varied between 0,04 and 0,1 persons for square kilometer, in relation to the ground and the climate. So it makes sense to think that introversion is a trait that we inherited from the Neanderthal man as he was during the Stone Age: he was not very social, and he only occasionally encountered other people. It’s only a matter of time and we will return to be like this, that we like it or not, the Ice Ages are the norm in Europe whereas hot periods are exceptions.

Graph showing the trend of Ice Ages:

-Extroversion/Object/Domestication/Civilized Man(Post-Hybridization).

“Every human being is composed of two parts. Only one is the essential. The other is the superficial, artificial and obtained part that is formed in social life and that creates the <<person>> of the individual: person, here, in the original meaning of the word, that, as is known, means mask, the mask of the actor (in opposition to the <<face>>, that instead we can correspond with the other part, the essential one). According to the individuals, but also according to the type of civilization, the one or the other part can be more developed. The degenerative limit corresponds with a quite exclusive development of the superficial and constructed part, of the <<mask>>.”

-Julius Evola


Introverts, you are the last of a kind, free in mind and spirit, the last hope for Europe and the European species: remember that our ancestors were originally as you are!


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