Words of Wisdom #13

Who submits to destiny suffers, but fate protects him“.

-Giorgio De Santillana

Always embrace your destiny, literally everything that happens in your lives is decided by it: you are your destiny and your destiny is what you are, it is your shadow and you can’t run away from it, but only, if you are wise enough, accept it. It takes shape from your honour, from what you have accomplished in your previous lives, therefore, in a way, you yourself have decided your actual destiny and it fits you perfectly, it is nor good nor bad and no one merits a better or worse destiny instead of the one he is experiencing. Anyway life will always make us think and believe that we are in possess of our destiny, that we can shape and change it to our liking: our mind is trapped in a sort of illusion, a cosmic censorship that probably protects us from a metaphysical despair that maybe we can perceive when we realize even for a moment the true nature of destiny, the most powerful of all deities.



3 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom #13

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