Codreanu: about Democracy (Part 2 of 3)

“The new Romanian ruling class – rather, any ruling class of the world – must rest on the principle of the social selection. That is, they must raise and select in a natural way from the body of the Ancestry, i.e. from the great healthy masses of the peasantry and of the workers, indissolubly tied to the Land and the Nation, a class of men talented with special attitudes to command, that will later be adequately cultivated and developed. These people will become the national élite, will form the ruling class of the Ancestry. And only these men are called to guide an Ancestry!”.

“By applying the criterion of the social selection, that operates a continuous replacement of forces coming from the depths of the nation, a ruling class always remains vigorous and efficient. Committed a serious historical error that ruling class which, after forming itself in relation to the criterion of the social selection, immediately after abandoned the criterion that had determined its arising, replacing it with the criterion of the inheritability of the functions of command and legitimising the unjust and condemned system of the birth privileges. The abandonment of the criterion of the social selection has permitted the formation of a false and degenerated élite, and such phenomenon has determined the corruption represented by democracy”.

“The criterion of the selection eliminates both the criterion of the election and the criterion of the inheritability. Selection, election and inheritability can’t coexist; between them intervenes a conflict, because or exists a precise criterion of social selection, and then the opinion and the vote of the mass doesn’t have any meaning, or it is the mass that elects its representatives, and then the social selection doesn’t function anymore. The same in the other case: if we make operative the natural criterion of the social selection doesn’t enter in question that of the inheritability. These two criteria can get along only when the heir is compliant with the laws of the social selection”.

“But if a nation doesn’t possess a true and proper ruling class, able to install in its functions the new emergent ruling class? In this case, the new ruling class arises from the fight against the degenerated and corrupted leaders – always by virtue of the criterion of selection”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu

Note: I can add that the European peoples have applied a criterion of non-hereditary annual selection of their Kings and Queens, from Prehistory (Neolithic) until the spread of the Christian plague in our lands.


Part 1: Codreanu: about Democracy (Part 1 of 3)


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