Codreanu: about Democracy (Part 1 of 3)

I will just quote our dear Corneliu Z. Codreanu:

“Democracy breaks the unity of the Romanian ancestry, dividing it in political parties and delivering it, in a circumstance of serious responsibility in front of history, lacerated and divided to the executioner: to the united block of the jewish power. For the purposes of our existence this subject is so important, that alone it constitutes enough reason to change this old dress of democracy with another, with any regime able to guarantee us the national unity and, as a consequence, life. Disunion means indeed death”.

“Democracy proves to be unable of continuity in its effort. Shattering the people in parties that rule one, two, three years each one, it proves indeed to be unable to conceive and realize a long term program. A party undo the programs and purposes of the predecessor; every party has a totally different program from the other; today one conceives and builds something, tomorrow the other destroys it. For a Nation that needs to build, whose historical duty is today indeed to build, the instability of democracy becomes a serious danger”.

“The mass is whimsical, instable in its opinions and ideas”.

“Conclusion: a people is unable to self-govern itself; it must be governed by its best elements, by its élite. That means: governed by that class of men, arose from the people, which demonstrates particular attitudes and qualifications. As bees raise their “queen”, precisely so an ancestry must raise its own leaders, its own élite. And thus, for its needs, the people must appeal to its own élite, to the leaders of the State”.

“The truth cannot be understood through the votes, it doesn’t depend nor by the majority nor by the minority. The truth has in itself its own eternal laws and triumphs, as has been seen, on all the majorities, even the most overwhelming. The task of finding the truth can’t be (nor should be) entrusted to the majorities, as well as in geometry the Pythagorean theorem must not be submitted to the vote of the mass, for this one to acknowledge or negate its truth”.

“Called to choose its own ruling class, the masses not only are unable to identify it and choose it, moreover they choose as leaders, except few cases, all there is of worst in a nation. Thus democracy not only distances from itself the real élite of the nation, but replaces it with what there is of worst in the nation itself”.

“Through this system, the true élite of a nation will be annihilated, estranged, since obviously it will refuse to participate in a such dishonest competition: it will withdraw disgusted and will stay hidden. From here however will derive to the State baleful consequences”.

“When a State turns out to be guided by such an élite, made up of all the bad, incompetent, immoral and corrupted elements of a people, what is the use of continuing to ask ourselves for what reason this State goes to ruin? Here lies the roots of all the other evils: immorality, corruption, debauchery in all the Nation, robbery and plunder of the goods of the State, bloody exploitation of the people, poverty and misery in the families, irresponsibility and non-fulfilment of the duty by the public functionaries, disorder and disorganization in the administrations, descent of capitalists from everywhere, as happens in the stores that sell the goods for bankruptcy. The nation sells itself at auction: “Who offers more?” Behold, democracy leaded us until this last shameful trade”.

-Corneliu Z. Codreanu



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