Words of Wisdom #4

Now the summer has passed.
It might never have been.
It is warm in the sun,
But it isn’t enough.

All that might’ve occurred
Like a five-fingered leaf
Fluttered into my hands,
But it isn’t enough.

Neither evil nor good
Has yet vanished in vain,
It all burned and was light,
But it isn’t enough.

Life has been as a shield,
And has offered protection.
I have been most fortunate,
But it isn’t enough.

The leaves were not burned.
The boughs were not broken,
The day clear as glass,
But it isn’t enough.”

-Arsenij Tarkovskij

You’ll find this beautiful, desperate (on a metaphysical plane), nostalgic and sad poetry recited in the film Stalker, directed by Andrej Tarkovskij, son of Arsenij Tarkovskij (author of the poetry). Stalker is one of the best films ever made, a metaphor of life and of man intended as mind, body and spirit…


Honour to Andrej and Arsenij Tarkovskij!


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